Tuesday, June 23, 2009

iPhone craziness

So this all started Sunday.

I dropped my iPhone and the screen stopped working. Bummer right?
Well then I started thinking, if apple gives me a brand new one, I can sell that one online for more than the price of the new 16GB 3GS model with the 2 year upgrade which would be $199.

So they gave me a new iPhone luckily and I started doing research. Turns out that the early upgrade fee of $18 is not what I thought. After talking with an at&t rep over the phone, I learned that if I do an early upgrade with at&t, the 16GB 3GS model is $299 + a $75 early upgrade fee. So that was a bummer, but I could probably still get $375 for my iphone seeing as they are still retailing at $500.

So I went ahead and listed my iPhone on craigslist and eBay.

Then I saw a news article about at&t allowing some users to be immediately eligible for the 2 year upgrade if blah blah blah... I wasn't going to be eligible for that, but right below the article it said "Or do an early upgrade and get the 16GB 3GS for $399" . $399??! She said $299!!

Great. Now my iPhone is going to sell cheap and I am going to have to pony up $475 to get a new one.

So I called back again, frustrated, and talked to another at&t rep who seemed less knowledgeable than the first one. He apologized about the mix up and confirmed it would be $399. However, after being on hold forever, he told me the early upgrade fee is only $18, not $75. What was the first woman I talked to on??

So as it stands, I need my current iPhone to sell for about $425 for me to be in the clear like I originally thought I was.

Anyone want an iPhone?

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  1. I'm thinking maybe she was on commission and wanted your bank roll!